Just What is ITSM?

Just What is ITSM?

Perhaps you've heard the acronym ITSM used within your IT organization and wondered just what it meant? Well, ITSM stands for IT Service Management; the term is broadly used to describe how an organization implements a strategic program to designing, delivering, managing and improving the way information technology (IT). The critical goal of any ITSM framework is implemented to ensure that three essential elements are in place: People, Process, and Technology. With the right People, Process, and Technologies in place, an IT organization can be assured that it is in an excellent place to be well aligned with the overarching business goals.

The most widely adopted, deployed and implemented ITSM framework is ITIL or (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) - a framework that presents industry proven best practices for aligning IT with the business needs. The industry standard and current version of ITIL is version 3, which has five elements: Strategy, Design, Transition, Operations and Continual Service Improvement. Developed by U.K. Cabinet Office and Capita PLC, ITIL has become the de facto IT industry best practice for ITSM. ITIL's humble beginning started in the 80’s, and it has now been accepted and adopted by both private and governmental organizations around the globe.

Abdul H. Shakur - CEO/Founder of Technique Consulting LLC

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